Weekend ‘Droids’…

This new little ‘Poladroid’ Mac application is so addictive…


5 Responses to “Weekend ‘Droids’…”

  1. michael Says:

    Interesting. Are these ordinary digital photographs that were made to look like polaroids?

  2. stevedeer Says:

    michael… http://www.poladroids.net

  3. pm Says:

    There are beautifuls pictures here !!!
    i think this will be better if they are more large no ?
    Very nice work…

  4. stevedeer Says:


    thank you.

    I’m tryng to keep the files sizes down as I want to keep to one long page a month. You can see larger picture if you click on the flickr link on the front page.



  5. catherine Says:

    Hi Steve,

    these images are fantastic. You have a real talent for capturing a moment of quality time in your photography. I love how the poladroid feature gives them that slightly aged look. I read an amusing comment once which said isn’t it amazing that it doesn’t matter what you take a picture of with a polaroid, but it always looks like you took it in the 1970’s!

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